• What are the advantages of ceramic cores?

    Ceramic cores enhance and open up more freedom for constructive designing. Ceramic cores are the most advanced means for the perfection of your investment casting parts.


Summary of the advantages:


  • complicated cavities
    small wall thicknesses
    narrow tolerance limits
    curved channels
    excellent surface quality
    thin slots
    precise undercuts
    narrow inside contours


  • Ceramic cores

do not only meet with special shapings and adaptations, but are also excellently suited for your dealing with different series of materials used for the production of precision cast parts.

Often, the application of ceramic cores makes the mechanical refinishing of your parts completely superfluous.

  • highly developed core technique
    manifold options
    cost-advantageous designing
    extremely high repeating accuracy
    no mechanical treatment required
    partially, cast parts can be realised through cores only
    ideal for materials that are difficult to machine